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When You Blog For Money You Need To Answer These Questions About Your Customer

You have questions about how to blog for Money, but your potential customer has needs.

Your priority should always be to solve your customer’s problem. Solving their problem leads to solving your problem of needing more money.

In my last article we addressed your concerns: 3 Specific Solutions On How to blog for money

When you supply a product or service to meet the customers needs you’ll be on the right track to making money online.

That’s why you need to answer some basic questions about your customer.

You need to ask:

  • Who?
  • Where?
  • What?
  • How?
  • Why?
  • and When?

You need the right visitor to your website, not just tire-kickers. Let’s find out who the right person is…

Ask Yourself, “Who?”

“Who” Is my Perfect Customer?

Who will buy your product or service?

Who is your target market?

More specifically, who is (or who could be) your “perfect customer?”

Answer these questions by giving a clear profile and description. Be specific. Supply as much detail as you can in this area, such as:

  • Demographics (i.e., age, gender, employment, etc);
  • Geographics (i.e., country, state, city, etc);
  • Psychographics (i.e., interests, culture, lifestyle, hobbies, buying history, associations they belong to, etc);
  • And technographics (i.e., customer owns PC; technology enthusiast or pessimist; reads emails and surfs the web [how often, how many hours/week]; uses the web for work, pleasure or shopping; has bought online before [if so, what product and from where]; websites they visited, etc).

I answer this question about my perfect customer in my article entitled Are You The Perfect Candidate To Learn How To Blog For Money?

Now you need to answer the above questions and write down your answers.

You need to find your target market and perfect customer but what does your customer want and need?

To answer that question we’ll address the following concerns…


“Where” Do Vistors Come To?

This is easy because we already know where we want your prospective customer to come to; To you and your website.

Hopefully they won’t have to find what the need somplace else.

I want customers to land on my website and sign-up for my free e-course. So I make sure all my landing pages make it easy for people to subscribe.

Make sure you know the purpose of your website once someone lands on it.

Ask Yourself “What?”

“What” Will Drive Someone To Seek You Out?

What is the reason they’re visiting your blog?

If someone lands on your website, you need to know what drove them initially to seek you out!

For me, the answer to that question is PAIN!

This website gives a solution to people’s problem of pain. They want to learn how to blog for money because they’re in desperate need of more income, tired of their job, and disillusioned by shifting through the hype from so-called internet marketing experts.

Nobody comes online until the “pain” drives them to do so. And that pain is often the emptiness of a job that doesn’t pay enough and doesn’t fulfill them.

What is the reason someone will buy your product?

Pain Relief is a good reason. But don’t just give an aspirin, find the cause of the problem and offer the correct solution.

Your product or service may offer the same solution as mine or it may be a different reason. To be successful in making money online you need to know the reason visitors want your product. Research the reason and write it down before you go any further. You can thank me below in the comment section.

Ask Yourself “How?”

“How Will People find you?”

In other words, how do they learn about what you offer?

Most of my subscribers land on the page through organic search engine visits via my blog posts.

“How will people find you?”

You could use guest posting, social media, and possibly advertising directly on other blogs for blog traffic.

When you answer this question, you’ll be well on your way to successfully making money with your website. You need to be honest with yourself, you need to do some research, and you need to write down the answer.

Ask Yourself “Why?”

“Why” do People Visit Your Website in the First Place?

We just asked “how”, now ask yourself “Why?”

Why Will People Visit Your Website?

For this website the answer to why people visit is dissatisfaction and lack of purpose…

I realized that for most beginners it’s often a dissatisfaction with their job. They’re not earning enough to make ends meet. They feel devalued in their job. They want more.

A blog that makes money is their path to more money, better fulfillment, and purpose.

Ok, Go ahead and ask yourself, “Why would someone want to visit my website in the first place?” Do some research in your niche, solve a problem, write the answer down and keep it in front of you.

Why Are They Seeking You Out?

Here’s the question I asked myself when planning out this website, “Why are people seeking me out?”

You should ask yourself the same question.

As an example, under what keywords or key expressions do most people find your website?

My answer came through keyword research.

People arrive at this website because they are searching Google under the terms:

  • “How to blog”
  • “How to start a blog”
  • “How to blog for money”
  • “How to make money blogging”
  • “Blogging for money”
  • “Setup blog”
  • “Make money blogging”

They want to get more information on how to make money online using a blog. I show you exactly how to do keyword research in my free blogging for money e-course.

So why are people seeking what you have to offer. Do the research and write down your answer.

Finally Ask Yourself “When?”

“When” Will My Customer Buy My Product or Service?

This is the ultimate question every new person who blogs for money asks. The answer is simple…

They need to solve their problem ASAP.

As soon as you can meet their need they’ll gladly pay you for your service.

My Customers often ask me the same question and you should be asking…

“When” Will I Start Making Money Blogging?

The Answer – When you’ve correctly answered the previous questions…

  • Who is my target market?
  • Who is my perfect customer?
  • Where will my customer land when he visits my website?
  • How Will People find you?
  • How do they learn about what you offer?
  • Why do People Visit Your Website in the First Place?
  • Why are people seeking you out?
  • What drove them initially to seek you out?
  • What is the reason someone will buy your product?

And yes, when I asked you this question about “when will I start making money blogging” I realize that you immediately thought:

How long will it be until I get my first paycheck from my blog?

I would be wrong to give you a specific amount of time because every person and every market is different. $1000 dollars in 10 day promises are made by dishonest people who only want to sell products. Some people have done it, but it’s not the norm.

I can tell you that I Do make money online and you can too. I give away my 31 day e-course because it meets a need. In the process I sell necessary products such as discount domain names, web hosting, blog themes and a few products I’ve tried myself.

How long it takes to make money will depend on you. Will you consider your online activity as a hobby or a business? Will you be disciplined to work? I mention this because there is work involved in getting an income from an online blog.

I’m always concerned someone will misinterpret the heading on this website. “Discover How to Make Money Blogging in 31 Days…”

I can’t promise you will make money in 31 days. It is entirely possible. I can, however, promise to teach you how to find your niche, publish a website, get traffic and even implement monetization methods in 31 days.

I give my customers what they want in the Free 31 Day Make MoneyBlogging E-Course. We solve their problems and meet their needs. Once you do that you’ll make money too!

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