The Time to Pray is Before You Start a Blog

Should You Start a Blog? 5 More Questions To Ask

If your thinking of starting a blog to make money online you need to evaluate what it involves.

That’s why I’ve put together these questions to ask yourself BEFORE you make the decision to blog for money.

In my previous article entitled Should You Start A Blog? Ask The Right Questions, I gave you the first of 4 questions to consider if your contemplating doing business online.

Today I’m going to give you 5 more tips… I’m presenting them in the form of a question once again because I want you to make sure you’re making the right decision when considering your new online business.

5. Have I Asked For Advice?

Good Advice… That’s the purpose of this article.

You came here seeking information. I want to give you some advice from my years of online experience…

Despite some claims that you can get rich quick doing business online don’t believe the hype.

I’m so sick of the internet gurus looking for ways to take innocent information seekers money.

Have you ever wondered why the internet marketers are presenting so many products?

Ask yourself, if they’re actually making money doing their particular business strategy or using some piece of software, why are they going out of their way to sell it to others?

Here’s why: It’s because they actually make more money selling a product than they do using their internet business strategy.

There’s nothing wrong with selling business ideas to others, the problem is when marketers hype up their sales copy and make altered claims of large income to sell their scheme to new internet marketers.

Why pay for advice when I offer it for Free?

My Step-By-Step Blogging With Purpose Classroom is chock-full of good advice.

If you’re interested in a fully Documented, Step by Step, A to Z System for Making Money Blogging Online sign up now for my NO HYPE 31 Day E-course. It’s Free!

Here’s some more good advice…

Find one or two marketers you trust and don’t buy every product you run across on the internet.

6. Am I Looking to Get Rich Quick?

When You Start To Blog Don’t Look To Get Rich Quick

I’ve already touched on this point but you really need to consider what is a decent time frame for making money. You may not get rich quick but you can make money on the internet if you can answer the questions I’m presenting to you in this series in an honest manner.

While we’re talking about time frames….

I also want to mention that you need to consider the long term ramifications if you wait. I know this sounds like completely opposite advice but those who play now, pay later.

You know it’s true- The longer you wait, the higher the price.

That’s why good sales copy will almost always give you an incentive to ACT NOW! Again. Sign up for my blogging e-course now using the form below if you want to find out about more buying motivations.

7. Am I Tempted by Greed?

I have a good friend who just entered into politics. When he asked me for advice I told him that he should consider this…

Although he is a man of integrity he should be aware that every time someone walks through the door of his office he’ll either be presented with an opportunity to do a good deed or the choice of making a bad decision and doing something selfish or greedy.

I really do think that many internet gurus start out with good intentions.

However, somewhere along the way, they lose sight of their values and succumb to the temptation of a quick dollar thus adding to the growing fleet of dishonest marketers.

As an internet businessman, I’m ashamed that Internet marketers are quickly surpassing lawyers and used car salesman’s reputations when it comes to business integrity.

I only recommend a few internet marketers and products. That’s because I know they practice integrity in marketing.

My question to you is “If you start blogging for money which group will you join?

There are just some things in life you need to decide to decide…

Moral issues, Faith, Family Issues, Health, Character and Business Ethics and Integrity are among the first values you should have a firm stance on.

8. Are You Afraid to say “No”?

Some people just have a hard time saying no. That’s why I love the phrase,

“Just Say No.”

Just say no to drugs, Just say No to peer pressure, and just say no to the countless distracting opportunities to make money online in a  dishonest fashion.

In other words… Make One Right Decision and say no to convenient money making decisions.

I talk about finding your purpose all the time on this website. Once you discover how to blog with purpose, you are very likely to make a profit online.

Here’s some tips on how to say yes to blogging for money successfully and no to convenient distractions:

Ask yourself:

  • Is this business decision consistent with my priorities, passions and purpose?
  • Is the topic of the blog in the area of my giftings?
  • Will I help others with my business?  Not only that, but can I make a profit while meeting a markets desire?
  • Did I get advice?

Finally, Here’s my number one tip when deciding if you should start a blog for profits…

9. Have I Prayed About it?

If you haven’t prayed about blogging for money, then Don’t do it!

Ask God For Advice. I’m not going to get into a bunch of religious issues here. That’s mainly because I don’t care for religion, I am saying that you should have a relationship with God, so much so that

you can validate your decision in prayer.

This one tip, asking God, has changed my life and is the biggest reason I consider myself successful.

Here’s the benefit of praying when making business decisions:

You”ll be able to answer the previous  questions in this article more adequately!

Now that you’ve prayed about it, it’s time to ask yourself this very important question…

10. If you start a blog can you offer good solutions to other peoples problems?

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