If You Start a Blog Can You Offer Solutions to Others?

When you start a blog can you offer solutions to others in their search for online information?

I asked you this question because if you want to make money blogging you need to know that the reason you have a blog is to supply solutions to peoples needs.

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Now let’s consider how you can offer solutions for peoples problems.

Create a Better Solution

Here’s one win-win equation:

Find the Need + Meet the Need = Charity

I want to clarify by adding another point here…

Just finding a need and filling it doesn’t equal financial success. It may simply equal a charity (which is fine too but most people would need a business to support the charity).

Now look at this formula for success:

Find a problem that people are willing to spend money on + Create a better solution = Success

You need to find a desire/problem that people are willing to and currently spending money on. Then create a better solution.

A lot of people make mistakes by looking for a need and finding a solution to that need.

What if no one excepts they “need” what you’re offering? And what if they can’t afford the real solution…or they’re not willing to pay for it?

The answer is to find people spending money and give them a better solution.

Provide A Win-Win Solution

Now consider how you can make your blogging business mutually beneficial.

Can you provide a service for someone while making a profit?

Can you provide a win-win solution?

One of my main principles in life is that of giving. I give before I receive.

The correct question to ask is Not “How can I help Myself?”

The correct questions is ” “How can I help you (others)?”

Meets others need and the return will keep coming back to you.

Start adding value, don’t just start a blog to get an immediate return.

Just as you should live a selfless life, you should also blog in an unselfish manner.

Offer Significant Solutions

If you want to succeed online then you should consider that you need to provide a solution for others peoples problems. They need information that is significant. Significance is what I do for others.

Can you provide solutions and significance?

Here’s 3 ways to provide significance, solutions and success:

  1. Add value for others
  2. Partner with others, partnerships compound influence, effectiveness and results.
  3. Become a leader. Don’t go to the top alone, take others to the top with you by building relationships and leading them to solutions.

Remember… To succeed in a new blogging business you need to offer solutions to your sites visitors. In other words, don’t think about “what I can do for myself, instead consider, “what can I do for others”.

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