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You've gotta make this whole working from home thing happen. There's no room for failure, and you need to figure out how to earn enough money to make this your full time gig.

Welcome to the corner of the internet where you’ll learn how to start a money making blog that you can enjoy, be proud of, and earn a decent living wage from.

It’s going to be a lot of work. This isn’t some get rich quick scheme. But it’s work that you can do in your pajamas, in between Netflix binging your latest obsession.

But before we get started…

Who am I anyways?

I am Kimi of the House Kinsey. First of Her name. Queen of Blogging, and Graphic Design. Mother of many pets.

  • I've been blogging in some form for 15 years. I'm as baffled by that as you probably are.
  • Everything I ever needed to know about selling, I learned working at an adult toy shop selling dongs and thongs.
  • I once made a living selling virtual, breedable pets online.
  • I'm legally blind in one eye, but I don't let that nonsense slow me down one bit.
  • We had a pretty epic Star Wars wedding on May 4th, which is also our dating anniversary. #maythe4thbewithus
  • I’m an INFP, proud Slytherin, and Virgo. I’m a messy, creative perfectionist who embodies everything it means to be ambitious and achievement-oriented.
  • If you haven't figured out that I'm a geek yet... well, I'm not sure we can be friends.

Don't let my fancy website fool you. I have not always been a successful blogger, sure of her direction and skills.

I came into blogging way back when the likes of MySpace and LiveJournal were a thing.

We blogged for fun.

It was about sharing our ideas, thoughts, and experiences with the world.

There was no making money off of blogging back then. Get paid to write online? Ha! Yeah right… what a crazy pipe dream that seemed like at the time.

My first serious blog was all about trying to redecorate my home on a budget, long before the days of Pinterest.

I didn’t know how to properly monetize and it was largely a waste of time (and also, apparently I can’t decorate my way out of a paper bag).

Even once I started a new blog and learned about all of the different ways I could monetize my blog, I was still stuck in the mentality a lot of bloggers have these days.

I was writing for me – not for an audience.

I look back on that old blog and cringe. It definitely wasn’t my best work.

I experimented, failed, tested more, and grew from my experiences as a blogger. Now, I teach people like you how to replicate my results… without all that mess.

Teaching others how to blog efficiently and make money from home so that they can improve their life and whatever their situation is, is my calling.

Giving is my love language, and teaching gives my heart all the feels.

I decided to take everything I’ve worked so hard on and repackage it to help people make this whole blogging thing really work – whether you’re new to this, or you’ve been at it a while and need help.

Truth is… times have changed, and a lot of bloggers are still stuck in that mentality – thinking that “if you build it, they will come”.

Unfortunately, that’s not how it works these days, and I’ve had to evolve as a blogger in order to continue seeing success.

You’ll need to do the same.

Good thing we’re friends now.

My Core Values

No Fluff

I take a “no-fluff” approach to my teaching. That means I don’t bait & switch – I believe in providing you with useful, actionable tips and real steps in my blog posts for growing your website in the most efficient way possible.


I wake up every day excited about the challenges ahead because I really do love what I do – I know it’s my calling. I put 100% of that passion into everything I teach or create (and the Virgo in me won’t allow for anything less).


A lot of people have this “fake it until you make it” scheme. That’s not me – I talk openly about my failures because hey, they happen and there’s no use hiding them. Instead, we can talk about how to clean them up or avoid them altogether. 

There's so much to learn, and so much I can teach you.

How Can I help you?

Blog Posts

All sorts of knowledge about blogging, wrapped up with a shiny pink bow.


Consider it “higher learning”, for those who wanna kick this thing up a notch.


Support, feedback, and your questions answered… in one convenient place.

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